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Ask an Expert How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


This week we had our first thermal imager training session. The weather is not quite cold enough yet to get the best information using the camera but we want to be ready to get going as soon as the temperature drops enough to give a 10 degree difference between the inside and outside temperature in the evening. We are looking forward to the first surveys occurring and seeing what we can learn through the use of this camera. Training sessions will run throughout the winter and the next training dates are now in our online calendar (7th October (daytime) and 20th October (evening)) along with information on how to book a place.

The camera is of course about detecting problems, the question then is how to fix the problems. When we see heat leaking from wall vents in older houses which were once heated by open fires upstairs and down, can we just seal them or might we get damp and mould problems? If we find that cavity wall insulation has dropped should we get more added at the top? Do we need triple glazing in our climate, or would high quality double glazing give the optimum benefit? What can we get from a Green Deal Assessment?

We want independent, impartial guidance to help us decide what to do with our homes. This is why we are looking forward to this month’s Transition Tuesday. At this joint event with the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, a panel of experts will be available to give their views on the questions we ask.

So have a think about what you want to ask, and join us on the 30th September, 7:30pm (7:15pm for refreshments) in Mrs Howard Hall. The thermal imaging team will be there on the night so you can also sign up to use the thermal imaging camera this winter.

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