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Grow It Yourself – March


March has to be the month when it all kicks off in the garden and the greenhouse. The weather can be very unpredictable though so you have to watch the forecasts carefully.  Once we get towards the middle of the month you can plant onion sets, early potatoes and peas outside. I suggest you start some peas off in pots too (see photo), as insurance.  Soak the seeds overnight first before planting.  Peas have long roots so cardboard tubes are ideal to plant them in.When they are ready to go out in the garden, harden them off for a few days, then plant the whole thing – tubes and all – to save disturbing the roots.

Indoors you can start sowing the plants which won’t go outside till the end of May such as tomatoes, peppers and chillis.  Remember that they do need quite a high temperature to germinate, so if you have an…



airing cupboard put the seed trays in there for a few days to start them off then transfer them to a sunny windowsill.

Finally, a plea for the birds – they are already starting to nest so no more hedge cutting until all the fledgelings have left the nests!

The GIY group met for the first time this year on Saturday in Diane’s garden.  Fortunately the sun came out!  We did some seed swapping and chatted about what we would like to get out of being in GIY.  Most people want help and advice but also value the swapping element.  If you would like to join us please get in touch via the website.


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