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Is this the end of Transition Town Letchworth?

Q. What is Transition Town Letchworth? A .We work to repair the Climate and Ecology and to reduce Pollution, through local projects

You may know us from our annual Apple Pressing event, or the Growers’ Market swap produce stall, in the town centre, on the first Saturday of each month of the growing season. Or perhaps you have come to a Transition Tuesday evening at Mrs Howard Hall, watched a film, or enjoyed a speaker or general discussion on a relevant topic. You may know us as part of Plastic Free Letchworth, or the Terracycle project to recycle waste which would otherwise have gone to landfill or other disposal.

Or you might have borrowed the Thermal Imaging Camera to see where your home is leaking heat, so as you can fix it.

I wonder if you know about the huge amount of expertise we have gathered so as to best make your home more energy efficient.

You maybe don’t know about the plan we have developed, with Letchworth Cyclists, so that every part of Letchworth can be reached from any other part of Letchworth along a safe walking/cycling route. Or our work to get this adopted by our local authorities.

Perhaps you don’t know about our participation in the NHDC Local Plan examination process. Or about our tireless efforts to push developers and local authorities make sure that any housing to be built is fit for purpose – energy efficient, built as places for community, and so on.

And there’s loads more stuff on our website

We are very proud of our achievements, and we still have plenty of ambition. But we can’t continue in our current state; we need youth and diversity, something we currently lack. Four of our five Trustees are now over 70.

Our Constitution requires a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer. We also need a Membership Secretary, a webmaster and PR/social media editor. None of these roles is particularly arduous if shared around several people. It would also be good for folk to pursue, with Trustee support, their own sustainability projects.

We have high hopes that Comet readers, concerned about the Climate and Ecological Emergency, will step up and allow TTL to continue, maybe in a radically new way, with new projects and new enthusiasm.

We have summarised volunteer roles. Go to our website and look under “About us” or use this link;

If not enough volunteers have stepped up by the end of June, your Trustees will bring forward a plan to get as many of our projects as possible to continue under new umbrellas, and to dissolve TTL.

(Why Transition? We are part of the international Transition movement, which seeks to make the Transition to ways of life which don’t damage the Climate or Ecology and doesn’t pollute)

Website: Facebook:


Peter Willcox Chair TTL

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