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Woolgrove Wildlife Gardening Club

NHDC have kindly donated the use of an allotment on the Woolgrove site which is intended as a learning space for families who live on the estate to come together to learn how to grow vegetables and fruit on their own raised bed. 

Come and find out how to grow your own food and attract wildlife to your gardens.

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Apple Pressing

Letchworth has hundreds of apple trees and in a bid to use as much of the fruit as possible Letchworth has annual apple pressing days in Autumn.

Everyone is invited to bring apples they’ve picked from their garden or from wild trees and get involved in scratting, pressing and bottling. Attendees need to bring some clean bottles for their juice, or possibly a keg if they plan to try cider-making! Kids, big and small, enjoy this one and the juice is like nothing you’ve ever bought from a shop.


To find out about planned apple pressing events, or borrowing equipment for your own event, contact Letchworth Garden Shed.


Terracycle Scheme

There are a number of hard to recycle plastic waste items that can be recycled through Terracycle. The Terracycle scheme receives pre-sorted waste from specific products and puts in place a process to recycle this waste, often by reforming the plastic into a long term product like garden furniture.

Bring your pre-sorted waste to your local Terracycle drop-off point in Morrisons supermarket.


Triangle Community Garden

Triangle Community Garden is a charity based in Hitchin helping people of all ages and abilities to ‘Connect, Grow, Enjoy’ through gardening and contact with the natural world.


Grower's Market

The Grower's Market facilitates the swapping and selling of home grown produce during the growing season (May – October). In addition to fruit and veg, the Grower’s Market stall accepts home produced eggs, jams, chutney and honey.  Seedlings are also welcome. 


The Growers’ Market limits food miles and reduces waste by distributing surplus home grown fruit and vegetables.  


Volunteer Town Gardeners

A group of volunteers who meet for an hour each Monday morning, in the town centre to look after and improve the planting in the areas opposite the library and outside the cinema, and 8 of the large zinc planters, owned by the Heritage Foundation, 7 on Eastcheap and one at the end of the Wynd.


We grow many of the plants ourselves using peat-free compost. We work from 10am-11am then go and have a coffee and a chat, usually at Miss Greenfingers.

LDGA IMG_1661 Plant Stall.jpeg

LALG Discount Scheme

Members of the Letchworth Arts & Leisure group benefit from discounts at a range of local businesses on production of a valid membership card.  They also get the opportunity to attend all kinds of interesting groups and events.​


Transition Streets

Transition streets was a local money-saving neighbourhood project developed by the Transition Town movement. Groups of neighbours got together to form a group that met seven times in their homes at times they chose.

Groups talked about energy, water, food, waste and transport, sharing ideas and experiences and each individual decided what action they might take.


Actions ranged from changing lightbulbs, getting a water butt, through to pumping up car tyres. This helped participants save on household bills, cut their carbon footprint and get to know their neighbours.

Transition Town Letchworth developed a localised handbook for groups. Decarbonise Letchworth have an activity pack covering food, transport and home improvement that can be a useful aid to Transition Streets groups.

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