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Community thermal imaging camera

Letchworth Garden Shed now loan a FLIR E6 thermal imaging camera. This camera was funded by a Heritage Foundation grant to provide a community thermal imaging service. Thermal imagers can be used to detect heat loss from your home, helping you identify where to target home improvements to reduce your energy bills.

Ideally the temperature difference between inside your home and the outside should be at least 10 degree to get the best results, so autumn and winter is the ideal time to inspect your house with a thermal camera. The community thermal service was originally provided by Transition Town Letchworth and training material they produced provides useful background material.

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Vision of a resilient Letchworth

In 2017 Transition Town Letchworth undertook a project to consider what actions could be taken that might help to ensure that Letchworth’s town centre is resilient and thriving. The resulting report, below, has been shared and discussed widely with interested parties in the town.

Vision of a resilient Letchworth

Reducing plastic in your venue

Those who have responsibility for community venues can:

  • Ensure that the grounds are litter free and recycling is encouraged.

  • Raise awareness of the damage to the environment caused by plastics and provide ideas for reducing use of single use plastics to groups who frequent the venue.

  • Provide equipment which will assist people hiring the venue to have a plastic free event.

  • Place posters (links below) in prominent places with plastic reduction tips in the venue and / or leave flyers (print as 2-sided on A5) for hall users to access.


Plastic Free Letchworth’s self-audit tool will enable you to identify your existing good practice and provides ideas for actions you can take to further reduce the use of single use plastic.

Organise your own litter picking event

Letchworth Garden Shed hold a set of Litter Pickers for local organisations to borrow.

Local groups arranging Litter Picks will need to ensure they have consent from the relevant local organisation and have conducted a risk assessment (Plastic Free Letchworth’s Litter Picking Risk Assessment is provided as an example).

North Herts District Council (NHDC) have advice available on their website, and can loan equipment from their Buntingford office.

Open spaces in Letchworth come under different organisations’ ownership. It’s important to notify the relevant organisation about your intention to undertake a litter pick so they can be prepared to collect any bags of litter and to deal with any hazardous items you may need to notify them about that require specialist removal.


As a rough guideline, the Greenway is the responsibility of Letchworth Heritage Foundation, parks and paths are generally the responsibility of NHDC but some of the paths and green spaces on the housing estates are the responsibility of the Housing Association, Settle.

Sustainable new neighbourhoods

In 2015 Transition Town Letchworth undertook a project to review previous housing developments in the town and to consider the features desirable. The resulting report was shared with the Heritage Foundation and councillors. They hoped to influence design briefs and design principles to ensure housing promotes low energy living and vibrant communities.​

Holding a plastic free event

A Plastic Free Event is any gathering of people that makes an effort to eliminate plastic pollution and waste by using durable, reusable, non-plastic alternatives. Steps that groups can take to reduce waste at their events or events held at their venue are:
  • Resource the venue with a set of glasses, ceramic plates, and cutlery, which can be used for parties. Try asking hall users for donations as many people have a surplus of kitchenware they may be happy to donate.

  • For outdoor events, ask guests to bring their own bottles, cups, and cutlery.

  • In ladies toilets consider stocking plastic free sanitary products and let people know why you have chosen this option.

  • In baby changing areas spread the word on the plastic in wet wipes, suggest water and paper tissues / cotton wool as a better alternative.

  • Provide re-usable bunting that can be borrowed for parties as an alternative to balloons and plastic banners.


This Festival Guide contains ideas and suppliers for hosting plastic free events.

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