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Terracycle scheme

There are now a number of hard to recycle plastic waste items that can be recycled through Terracycle. The Terracycle scheme receives pre-sorted waste from specific products and puts in place a process to recycle this waste, often by reforming the plastic into a long term product like garden furniture. Visit the Terracycle website to learn more.

Terracyle ‘waste’ is collected by charities, who receive rewards based on the volume of waste sent. Local schools who have registered to collect particular Terracycle waste streams are Icknield Infant School, Wilbury Junior School, Stonehill School and Lordship Farm School.

WISPA (Wilbury and Icknield School PTA) support the Terracycle initiative by managing a local collection point in Morrisons (located in the ‘blue alcove’ to the left inside the Broadway entrance) and passing the waste collected to the appropriate local charity for checking and onwards sending to Terracycle.

Some Terracycle schemes are sponsored by a company and will only accept their branded items, whilst other collection schemes are for a particular class of item and have no brand limitations. It is essential that the waste sent to Terracycle is not contaminated and is properly sorted.

Top Tips:

  • All recycling must be empty of any contents.

  • All crisp, Nuts, Popcorn, Pretzels Packets MUST be flat. Minimum shipping weights go up (8kg for crisps!) and max box sizes are fixed at 60*60*50cm so recycling has to be as compact as possible.

  • All recycling MUST be sorted into the categories listed below and not delivered mixed. Some of the recycling may seem similar but each scheme is funded by the company that produces that waste and must be shipped separately from other recycling.

  • If it's not on the list below leave it out!

If you have any boxes measuring 60*60*50cm the we would love to accept them!

General recycling

  • Confectionary (Chocolate Bar Wrappers, chocolate & sweet pouches / bags and chocolate & sweet multi pack outer packaging)

  • Biscuit and Snack Wrappers (Any biscuits, crackers and cakes)

  • Cheese Packaging (Flexible plastic cheese pouches, individual cheese wrappers, sliced cheese plastic film)

  • Home Hygiene Products from any brand (All fragrance twin pack plastic sleeves, flexible packaging for stain removers, dishwashing tablet packaging/salt bags, home wipes, cleaning product re-fill packaging and dishwasher cleaner/freshener outer packaging)

  • Air, Home & Laundry Care (Flexible wipe packaging, plastic trigger heads / pumps, plastic air freshener packaging, flexible laudry & dishwashing packaging, flexible laundry & dishwasher tablets packaging. plastic air fresheners & cartridges)

  • Personal Care  (Flexible plastic wipes packaging, plastic role on deodorants
    hair colourant kits (no bottle & cardboard), plastic pots & tubes, caps, pumps & trigger sprays, mask packaging & blue film)

  • Oral Care (Toothpaste tubes & cap, toothbrush, powered toothbrush heads & packaging toothbrush outer packaging toothpaste cartons)

  • Writing Instruments (Highlighters, correction fluid pot, pens markers)

Branded recycling

  • Aqua Optima Water Filters (Universal, Evolve 30 & 60 Day)

  • Pringles (Tubes, plastic lid and seal)

  • Kinder Chocolate (Flexible plastic packaging, chocolate wrappers, aluminium foil wrappers and rigid plastic egg and packaging)

  • L.O.L Surprise (Outer and inner plastic wrappers, display cases and figurines and their accessories)

  • Ferrero Pralines (Gold tray, transparent boxes and outer plastic wrap)

  • Carex (eco re-fill pouches, Imperial Leather and Baylies of Bond Street hand wash pumps)

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