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GIY blog – January 2015


Yes I know it’s only January but there are still things you gardeners can do. I have just pruned my gooseberries (feeling smug about that!).  If you’re wondering what to do with your own gooseberries, there’s a youTube guide below.

I bought a book last Autumn called ‘The ten-minute gardener’s fruit-growing diary’ by Val Bourne,  published by Bantam Press. I have already started to follow its advice which says this is the month to take a long hard look at your fruit trees, so that’s what I’m doing.

This is also the month to plant bare-rooted fruit bushes and trees. In mid-January shape and prune apples and pears and at the end of the month mulch and feed them providing the ground isn’t frosted. If it is frosty then wait for a mild spell.  I am always cautious about disturbing the garden at this time of year so I try to have minimal impact.  For example, today, whilst pruning the gooseberries I had to relocate a hibernating ladybird.

The only other thing I would do in the garden is to plan and prepare so that I am ready to start planting early seeds in February – tomatoes, chillis and peppers indoors or in a propagator, and broad beans outside.

It’s also important not to forget the birds at this time of year.  They really appreciate a regular source of water that is kept unfrozen.

Enjoy the fireside and read a good gardening book!   I’ll be settling down to study a book I received for Christmas called “50 Ways To Kill A Slug” – although I think I could write a similar one myself!

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